The Prosperity Formula for a Freakin' Fabulous Business

Rocking Your Inner Rebel and doing (profitable) business your way.




The Prosperity Formula for a Freakin' Fabulous Business

Rocking Your Inner Rebel and doing (profitable) business your way.

People told you it would never work. But you've found your passion, have followed your calling, but it's not giving you that satisfied glow you were expecting it to.

Struggle Town - Population 1

You're ahead in some aspects of your life, but everything else around your home including your relationship with your partner, quality time with your children, housework and sleep seems to be falling like a house of cards.

You figured that having your own business would mean that you would be there for your kids and your home would be clean and harmonious. But that scenario is now the farthest thing from reality. The kids are complaining that you aren't there to play and give them the attention they want because you're always "working".

You home is starting to fill with stuff to make up for you not being there. You're beside yourself trying to do all the things and the feelings of failure, worry and stress have arrived, have brought a bag and look set to stay a while. And what truly worries you is whether you will ever be able to shake this feeling.

The exhaustion is real

There's nothing left in the tank. If you could just get some sleep everything would be OK. But nope, your kids love your bed just as much as you, so it's off to sleep elsewhere yet again. Intimacy is off the cards, and don't even think about getting a workout in tomorrow - it's just not going to happen.

Resentment is starting to set in with the effort you are making day in and day out trying to build a beautiful life, and for what?

Then to top it off, despite your business earning money, it seems to be heading back out the door just as quick. There is one expense after another. Issues with suppliers, with customers or clients, and you are at your wits end. Something has to give, but the thought of going back to full time employment fills you with complete dread, and that would only prove them right. You know your product or service is great! You just want this vicious cycle to end. Why is it so hard?

Well, here's the thing, it doesn’t have to be. It all starts with getting your home to support you and your grand plan.

Shift from “Failing” to Flourishing - 60 Days to prosperity, harmony & balance in business, life and love!

Imagine If:

Running your Business was no longer a chore or means to an end. You’d be able to grow and scale your business with ease, giving you the freedom and abundance to actually create the life you want. Including that quality family time with your children and partner. I know - a 15-20 hour working week sounds amazing right?

The relationships - with all your loved ones - were back on an even keel, that you were able to attend those special events without feeling guilt of not “working” that there was less clutter lying around, and you stopped buying “stuff” that was having a negative effect on your life to fill a void or fix a problem that you didn’t even realise was there.

Your children started sleeping in their own bed, meaning you got the sleep you so desperately needed, giving you the energy and space to take care of yourself. Your relationship was getting better and sexy time was a little more exciting. Your mood has changed, and the resentment has lifted OMG how amazing that would be! Fixing your own oxygen mask first!

Your home was finally supporting you to move through those money and other blocks that were creating challenges, to create an abundance of clients and cash flow. Suppliers started supplying, you started automatically attracting your ideal clients and customers and you finally stopped desperately trying to find that next shiny object or hustling to fix a problem, instead, making both life and business decisions with more clarity and ease

Introducing the Prosperity Formula

Here's what you get

Work directly with me and my team as we help you to make an energetic shift in your home to actually support you, your business AND life to thrive

This is a 2 month transformational journey that includes:


Hi I am
Suzanne Butler

I help female solopreneurs to bring more money, clients and ease into their business with Feng Shui, with the added benefit that it balances our the rest of your life in the process.

My love for Feng Shui came out of pure desperation. I was running 3 businesses, money was coming in, but leaving just a quick, I was sick with adrenal fatigue, my partner at that time was deathly ill, that relationship was toxic and I knew something had to give. I came across Feng Shui in a Facebook group and instantly after implementing things started to turn around.

Later, after my marriage ended, I decided that I needed to know more about this magic, and undertook study to become a certified practitioner. Through this journey, I have healed some major traumatic wounds, and created a life that I couldn't have even dreamed about 10 years ago.

I have struggled all my life with being told what to do, so simply put, I now do my own thing, I have a true Rebel Heart.

So why do I do what I do? I simply don't want any woman to struggle any further. You just don't need to. By using Feng Shui and following the bouncing ball, you can create harmony at home and ease and flow in your business. Which is why you started your business in the first place right?

I have plenty of tips to share with you over in my group - pop on over and take a look.

Energetically Yours,

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