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Suzanne Butler: Cultivating good Energy Starts and Home with Feng Shui

In this episode…

I have a conversation with Feng Shui Consultant Suzanne Butler about how the life changing magic of Feng Shui. A step further than simply decluttering or decorating a space for inner harmony, Feng Shui includes aligning energies and intention setting to transform your life path. If you love astrology, human design or manifestation, you will want to tune in.

We dive into:

  • The 9 area os of the home that represent 9 areas of your life
  • How colours impact energy and emotion
  • Personal power positions
  • Feng Shui tips for your love life
  • How Feng Shui can be used for Manifestation
  • Feng Shui remedies using the 5 elements of water, metal, wood, fire and earth

After 25 years of corporate life spanning a number of different industries, Suzanne found her true passion and calling. She immersed herself in Feng Shui after achieving some incredible results personally and now helps her clients to do the same. As an expert in Classical Flying Stars Feng Shui, Suzanne has the ability and knowledge to transform the way a home supports its occupants, moving them from potentially dire straights to complete harmony with abundance, prosperity and wellbeing to go with it.