Are you standing at a crossroads knowing something needs to change yet unsure of what or how? 

A Personalised Feng Shui Report can provide you with guidance and direction to create a life of ease, abundance, prosperity & happiness and support you in creating a life ON YOUR TERMS.

Hi, I'm Suzanne Butler and I would love to share with you how Feng Shui changed my life and how it can change yours too.

I was at a crossroads in my life, knowing I needed to get out of my dysfunctional and abusive relationship, and back to living life on my terms once again. The problem I faced was being brave enough to take that leap. 

Feng Shui changed all that. I came across Feng Shui purely by accident and I knew immediately that I needed to jump right in and find out as much as I could. 

I can honestly say I have never looked back. It changed my life completely and so much so, that I am now running my own business showing other women how they too can use Feng Shui principles to change their lives and start living the life they desire and deserve.

What is a

Personalised Feng Shui Report?

Your home is the place you spend the most time each day. We all know and feel when things aren't in alignment and living in an environment that is out of alignment will only continue to bring you the things you don't want.

When your home is in flow, so to is your life and you begin to bring in the things you love, the things you want and the lifestyle you desire.

Your home is unique to you. It has its own birthdate and personality, much like we do, and its personality impacts the measures you need to take to remedy your home and make positive changes that will create lasting impact in your life. 

Your personalised Feng Shui report will help you better understand what you're looking to achieve and how to get there.

How it all happens!

Your personalised Feng Shui report is a detailed audit of your home and a comprehensive report with the steps and remedies needed to create the environment to support the life you desire.

Comprehensive Questionnaire

A detailed questionnaire to provide me with as much information as possible regarding where you are at now and what areas of your life you want to improve.

1:1 Virtual Walk Through

Using Zoom video, you will take me on a virtual walk through of your home so I can identify tweaks that need to be made in line with your report.

Preparation of Your Report

Using the information already provided, I will prepare a thorough report of where your home is at now vs what can be done to enhance it for love, prosperity, abundance and any other areas you wish to bring in.

1:1 Video Follow Up

Approximately 8 weeks after you have implemented the suggestions from the report we will have a 1:1 video catch up to see how it is all going for you.

VIP Yearly Review

As a VIP member you can take up the option for a yearly review of your report for $150

Lifetime Support

You become a VIP Member of Suzanne Butler Lifestyle Design with an exclusive invite into my Facebook group where I provide lifetime support for those wishing to continue learning about Feng Shui.

Recommend & Earn

You will receive an invite to become an affiliate member of Suzanne Butler Lifestyle Design. This means, you can share the amazing results you have seen and get paid a referral fee for anyone that orders their own personalised Feng Shui report. 


You will have access to a library of resources including tip sheets, workbooks and checklists to help you stay on track and continue using Feng Shui in your life.

Are you ready to bring the power and magic of Feng Shui into your life?

"I've known Suzanne for quite a few years and was dying for her to finish her studies. A bit of a skeptic here at first but now a completely blown away believer. Some of the remedies literally worked within the day.

Money - I got an unexpected pay rise within 24 hours! Truly!!! Didn't know that was coming. My side gig business triples it's income in the 3 following months and has continued to go up. We had a run of bad luck for some personal things and they all resolved in the coming months.

Our relationship has been incredibly strong - 14 years, and feels like we are in the honey moon period all over again.

We have literally had success after success since changing most things. I highly highly recommend following her guidance! You will not regret it and every home I move to from here on in including my investments will have her once over first! Even if you're a bit unsure try it. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised!" 

- N. Sherwood. Queensland


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$457 per month*

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$286 per month*

*Monthly Plan Terms: By purchasing on a monthly payment plan you agree that you are legally responsible for payment of all of the monthly payment amounts as per the chosen plan. 

"The remedies that were suggested in my own personal report, once implemented are starting to work and the whole thing has blown me away. My house is a dream and I am so happy and I only know that the best is yet to come. Suzanne has been invaluable to me and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is considering this journey."  - J. Frankel, Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee the results? 

As much as I would love to guarantee the outcome, unfortunately I can't! The outcome of any personal development work is always dependant on the effort put in by the person seeking to make change.  That part is out of my control and totally in your control. 

I can tell you though that Feng Shui has changed my life dramatically and if you are ready to embrace change and follow the recommendations, I see no reason why you will not be as successful. 

Will I have to spend any more money?

How much money you spend on implementing the changes and remedies to your home is entirely up to you and can be kept to a minimum by utilising a variety of things you will be surprised to find you may already own. 

What if I change my mind?

As with anything in life, you are free to change your mind however, given the nature of my work, once we being the process of collecting your information, reviewing your home and preparing the report, there is a no refund policy in place. 

How long does the report take to prepare? 

I aim for a 7-10 day turnaround when preparing your personalised Feng Shui report however this is determined by the timing of receiving your information and being able to do the virtual walk through of your home.  I will be in touch with you continuously to ensure you are aware of what stage we are at and the expected completion date.

For enquiries email