VIP 1-1 Personal Home Report


How do you feel when you arrive at home? Joy or dread?

Do you feel this is having an onflow effect in the rest of your life? Are finances a problem? Relationships of any kind an issue? Perhaps you have ill health and you can’t work it out.

Chances are, your home is not supporting you in every aspect of your life.

The 1-1 experience has me in your home with you as we walk around the  to discuss what your things could be having an effect on, where they are best to be placed based on the remedies required, and what is potentially not serving you.

No, I don’t tell you to throw anything out, I will simply have you looking at things in a different light, and in some cases, actually “seeing” things for the first time.

I want people to become abundant in every facet of their life. I want their finances to improve, relationships to re-ignite, to make their wildest manifestations come true.

To do this, you need a home to support you. In this program you get the following

  • 3 months of 1-1 support
  • Questionnaire to find out your life satisfaction levels
  • Personal Home Report
  • 2 x in person walk throughs to examine in depth your surroundings
  • A follow up Personal Home Report for the following year
  • Access to online portal which includes a comprehensive learn as you go course – Lifetime access
  • Access to a client only group where any questions regarding Feng Shui are answered – Lifetime access

How does that sound? You will have a home that is a joy to be in before you know it, and abundance will be flowing.



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