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You know, a lot of the time we tend to bumble through life, working things out as we go. We all hit road bumps along the way, but what if all of a sudden your world just starts falling apart, for no apparent reason?

It this is happening to you, or has in the past few months or years, then you could very well being living in the reason for it. Your home.

Every home has its own personality, and quirks that go along with it. You may have a house that is good for people & good for money, or bad for people bad for money, or the remaining 2 variants of it.

This personality is due to a number of factors. What year the house was built, and where the natural face is of the home and where the house sits on the land its built on.

What I love about doing personal reports is finding out what is going on for the residents of the home, and then seeing what the house is telling me. Generally it is very reflective of issues for the occupants.

For example, a client was having issues with money and also work. She was struggling to find full time employment, especially in an environment that valued loyalty above all else. She had had issues with people she worked with bringing her down, and was feeling very lost, and was in need to help.

Upon looking at her home, it was obvious what the problem was, and it certainly wasn’t her. Her home was bad for people and bad for money. This then made total sense as to why she was struggling to get ahead and live the life she wanted.

She was instructed to install “water” and “mountain” as support for her home.

Within 24 hours she had a job interview, and was offered the role on the spot. Since then a number of things had changed for her, and she has gone back to her normal bubbly self.

These issues however, had been occurring since she moved into the home 4 years earlier! No wonder she was at her wits end!

These things had absolutely nothing to do with the person. She was doing nothing wrong. It was literally her house.

My own personal experience also fits in with this. My home (prior to remedies being put in) was Bad for people, good for money. I received 2 windfalls when I first moved here, however the relationships within the home were not great. Did I have my remedies in? Yes I did, but I know that they were moved by others, and some remedies weren’t prominent enough.

What I noticed this year by putting remedies where they should be and more than what I needed, things have shifted completely for me. I have been very quickly achieving things that have been on my vision board or To Do list for years with complete ease.

So when I do a report on a home that hasn’t got a favourable personality, it makes me laugh with glee, because I can already tell that the occupants may have been having a hard time, but things are about to change in a massive way, and they have no idea how wonderful things can truly be for them.

If you have been struggling with health, money, career, relationships for no apparent reason, then get in touch. Let’s gain some clarity, give you some aha moments and watch your life go from strength to strength.

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