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Building or renovating a house is an incredibly exciting time, and the perfect time to create the ultimate space for your and your family.

Through the process, you are given an amazing chance to optimise how the numbers land and what parts of your home can be optimal for their needs. Having a house that is North facing, is not enough information to go by as to what is going to be the optimal for the build.

During an analysis of a block of land, we can work out where the best place to have your front door or what we call the facing, which could potentially mean changing the angle of the property by mere degrees. This could be the difference between a home that is good for people and good for money and bad for people/bad for money- I know what I would rather? Who wouldn’t want a home that is good for people/good for money

Further on from that we can work out as a team, what is important to you. Are you going to be working from home, do you need a separate area for the kids? We want to make sure that the good numbers end up being where you spend a lot of time, like bedrooms and the study, and not so good numbers where you don’t spend a lot of time, like the laundry (if you can help it). Not much good having great numbers literally in the toilet – am I right.

The same process can be completed for a renovation. If you are adding on a 2nd floor, extension or perhaps lifting the house, this can actually change the “birth date” of your home. So it again is a perfect opportunity to create a layout or floor plan that will suit the entire family.

We are also able to ensure that each family member is sleeping and eating in their optimal position. For example, my power position for work is the north east, which is where my back faces in my office. However the optimal position for me for sleeping is for my head to be facing the south west – which unfortunately is impossible. My head does however point in a westerly position which is still ok for me.

There is a lot of planning and design that goes into ensuring your home is supportive, however if it is done correctly, it will also ensure that families in the future will also benefit by it being naturally supportive.

If you are in the process of building then please get in touch, I would love to help you design your true dream home.